The Gallery : The Museum Of The 16th And 17th Century European Art

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The gallery that I chose to visit is called, Berry Wing of European Art, also called Kresge Foundation Gallery of the 16th and 17th Century European Art. I thought that these names for the gallery were very odd because many of the paintings in this gallery were either not from the 16th and 17th century, or weren’t from European art. A common theme that the whole gallery had was the color red. Because of this, the gallery has also been given the name Red: Endless Attraction, which I think fits the gallery perfectly, and much better than the other two names. The title of the work that most impressed me in the gallery was called Still Life With Fruit, c. 1860, and was an oil on canvas. The reason why this piece of art fascinated me the most…show more content…
The main purpose of line in this painting is to give pattern and texture. All of the fruit in this painting is correct to the texture of the fruit in real life. For example, the peaches look fuzzy, and the grapes and apples look smooth. Also, there is a great since of depth to the painting because of shading and overlapping of the fruit. The painting is called Still Life With Fruit, which I find interesting because the painting looks to be completely still. This is because the artist used little to none diagonal and curved lines. The artist also incorporates both geometric and organic masses. The peaches, apples, and grapes are geometric masses because they are relatively perfect circles, while the leaves throughout the painting are organic masses. I would say that geometric masses dominate the painting because there are more fruits that are circular in shape. Also, the shutters are made from rectangles so that just adds to the geometric masses. I would say that the value of this painting is very high key. The suns light that shines through the window onto the fruit creates lighter colors throughout the whole painting, besides the background. The background of the painting, the wall, is very low key with the darker colors dominating. As I said before shading is done very well in this painting which gives it a great sense of depth. Also, chiaroscuro is used in the painting. Different values are used to create shadows on

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