The Gambino Crime Family

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Born June 26, 1915 in Brooklyn, Big Paul began his life in the mob by running numbers. When he was named successor to the great Carlo Gambino, trouble arose. Many members felt that Aniello Dellacroce, although in prison, deserved the role but instead Gambino had promoted Paul. Some saw this as nepotism which was generally frowned upon on by La Cosa Nostra. To settle tensions Castellano gifted Neil Dellacroce some of the family’s most lucrative operations throughout Manhattan and Queens, but this did not completely satisfy the slighted underboss. Paul, like Gambino, was an unusual type of Mafia boss. Unfortunately, while Don Carlo was revolutionary, Big Paul was unsatisfactory. He was embarrassed that he was categorized as a gangster and preferred to be regarded as a diplomat or businessman. Big Paul was said to look more like a businessman or CEO than a mobster. Paul Castellano was flashy too; he liked elegant clothing, fine dining, and being driven around by chauffeur. He even detested violence which is not a good quality for a mob boss to obtain. “The Pope” as he was referred to, was standoffish. His predecessor had gone to the markets in Little Italy, held court in public places, lived in the city, and interacted with his soldiers and capos. Big Paul on the other hand, generally held court at his private estate, did…
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