The Gamble, John Sides And Lynn Vavreck

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Political campaigning is now the full-fledged live version of chess, with pawns, queens and kings, but is all this parading and strategizing actually important? What is even the purpose behind political campaigns; is it to inform the public about a candidate or through clever means to win an election at all costs? The truth of the matter is that campaigns do actually serve an important purpose in the political world of America. Its purpose is to help inform voters about candidates and to improve the number of voters at the polling place. In order for these goals to be achieved there needs to be a clear platform upon which the campaign is built. In the book The Gamble, John Sides and Lynn Vavreck write that a successful campaign takes advantage of the fundamentals, “national conditions that set the stage for the campaign,” (2). These fundamentals are conditions that the candidate has no control over, like the economy, their opponent, obstacles or opportunities, and how the candidate reacts to them affect their ability to be elected (Sides and Vavreck 2). It is upon these fundamentals that a campaign is built. They inform political stances and future decisions of the campaign, which makes them an important foundation. Though these fundamentals are key to the survival of a campaign, equally if not more so, as Professor David Parker has stated, unless the candidate has name recognition the campaign is a lost cause (Parker, 2016). A successful candidate that isn’t already
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