The Game By Teresa Toten

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The Game is a novel written by Teresa Toten in 2001. The novel examines the affect of abuse and the feeling of inadequacy on a young person and how they cope with it, in this case the young girl develops a fantasy world in which she battles the evil with her sister. It also shows how a person’s mind tries to protect them from the realization of events that have happened that at the time they may not be able to cope with. The game was invented by two young sisters, Danielle and Kelly. Danielle is the older sister that suffers from a tumultuous relationship with her Father which includes physical and emotional abuse. Dani takes a lot of blame for things that her sister does wrong, to protect her. She wants to be loved and respected by her Father, just like her sister is and you find that she has memorialized one memory where her Father was actually proud of her. There is also the realization that there are many more memories of when he was disappointed and angry at her. Bearing in mind that she is also taking responsibility for her sisters mistakes you can imagine a childhood filled with misery and fear and the need for respect and love. Dani initially invents a game with her sister representing good versus evil and as you read the book you realize that Dani’s entire life is a game. She reverts to her childhood game in her mind when facing difficult conversations and situations. Now that she is older, she uses alcohol and drugs to help take away the memories of the

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