The Game Console Industry : Xbox One

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The game console industry is heated up by the launch of two new generations of game consoles from two rival companies: Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. After years of enjoying the fruit from the Xbox 360, Microsoft once again step back to the next gen console market when Sony announced its plan for PlayStation 4 during February 2013. On May 2013, in order to catch up with Sony, Microsoft release it plan for the new generation of Xbox names Xbox One and set to be launched on November 22nd exactly one week after Sony PlayStation 4 come out.

Xbox One is designed to be not only a game console but also an “All-in-One” entertainment system. In other words, Users can do more than just playing game on Xbox One. With wide variety of
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The strategies to fulfill our objectives are to: Identify the potential target customers in two target segmentation, gamers and family members; heavily invest in advertising and promotion to create demand from customers; conducting market research through in store experience, game testing day from focus groups of gamers and journalists from game industry magazine.

The action plan for Xbox One can be implement by some following activities:
• Focusing on the 4 P’s strategy: Convince customers about the difference between our product and others; offer the wide range of places including Microsoft retail stores and other strategic retailers that customers can find our Xbox One; raising demand from customers by offering price bundling; setting up promotion for Xbox Gold Live subscription and Xbox One system.
• Increasing brand awareness using other Microsoft’s product lines and through sponsorship deal.
• Expanding the Xbox Gold Live community by providing better benefit for Gold subscribers.
2.0 Situation Analysis:

On May 21st 2013, Microsoft announced the plan for Xbox One, the next generation of Xbox 360 gaming console. The system console was first sold to customers on November 22nd , a week after Sony launched its PlayStation 4 system.

2.1 Market Summary

Xbox was first introduced by Bill Gates on 2001 followed up with the launch of Xbox Live the online community via Xbox system. The first generation of Xbox console was a huge hit in gaming
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