The Game Flipping Ticket

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The game “flipping sheet” was really interesting and a learning experience for me. It was a group task for us. We had three chances for the same task. At the very first time we could not understand anything, we did not have a strategy or any preparation to do a group task. We friendly discussed about our task. We not only figured a plan, but also set everyone’s role in the game. Finally, we had a friendly and co-operative environment in the group. And we became first consecutively twice among the four groups as well!
It is easy to share ideas and express point of view when there is a friendly and co-operative environment in a group. I think I can easily make myself comfortable in such environment and I can easily express myself among the people. I can work cordially and I can give my best. Sometimes in any group project I also can play the key role in the group. I always try not to tell everyone my ideas but also to collaborate all the logic ideas together. People who respect other’s ideas and point of views, makes me express myself in the group. Whenever group members appreciate one’s ideas, then he/she becomes interested to share more ideas. Respecting other’s ideas makes oneself to get involved in the group and creates the floor of sharing more ideas. Helpful and supportive people make me express myself most. But if I have a
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I also pay a very attention in respecting other people as an individual important person and I am so strict about time management. I think I can make use of them to contribute to the group. Sometimes we may be given some instant task in the group. In that case I can play an important role to take quick decisions. In our group assignments all of the group members need to meet together. I can be on time in every meeting and others might be inspired from me. And finally whenever I start to respect and recognize each person, then all of them would get a friendly floor to contribute their
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