The Game Of Baseball, That Most Americans Seem To Love,

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The game of baseball, that most Americans seem to love, officially started on September 23, 1845 by the New York Knickerbockers. Before that time, there were some games that resembled it and that used the same concept that baseball does, such as cricket. Through the 271 years, there are some similarities in the game from then to now, however, the differences greatly outweigh the similarities.
The 19th century was a different time for baseball. The equipment was home-made and did not have any regulations to them. We don 't know much about what baseballs were like in the very early days, but we generally know that no two baseballs were the same (Ryder). Later baseballs were made by a hard core, that could be any solid substance like yarn or
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In 1860, the first glove was spotted and it was catchers who were wearing them (which makes sense). The catchers handled hundreds of balls per game, catching pitches and foul tips. As the evolution of the glove kept going, the leagues made a rule which the catcher and the first baseman are allowed to wear a glove or mitt of any size, shape, or weight. All other players that played were restricted to certain dimensions.
Today’s equipment is much more organized and not so jumbled up. The ball must be a certain size and weight. You can’t add any substance to them to make them increase your chances of succeeding, and if you choose to flout this rule, you will be suspended and fined greatly. The bat must be a certain length and weight also. It has to be a drop three which means the length and weight cant have a difference greater than three between them. It must be a certain type and be made of the same material. The gloves aren 't all the same though. Everybody has a different size glove. The first baseman and the catcher have their own glove while the other players in the field have the same concept of glove.
Although baseball from then to now has many more differences, there are still many similarities. How many changes do you think the ball has undergone since 1845 that changed the making of the ball? Not a lot(Evolution). It is more likely

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