The Game Of Chess Games

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Knight to C6, it is how I had started almost every game of chess I had ever played. As my lungs filled with the pungent smell of coffee beans, I released my hand from the small wooden piece, and the game had begun. Sometimes I won and sometimes I lost, but oddly enough, it was never really about who won. You can learn so much about yourself and about life through the game of chess. It is crazy how much knowledge you can pick up about someone just from watching them play one simple game. The game was why I started playing, but the people were why I continued.
I was not really a competitive chess player, and neither was my opponent, Justin. We were part of an unofficial chess club that we called ‘The Rookies.’ The club started as one percent because of the actual game of chess and ninety-nine percent because of the friendship. This particular Saturday morning we walked into an all so familiar local coffee shop to play a game of chess. Kooky millennials surrounded us gathering to babble for hours on end, and quite honestly we did not stand out. Justin and I had a habit of trying to learn more about each other and about life by realizing the subtle nuances of chess. Those conversations could lead anywhere on any day and today was no exception. The scene was set and the game had begun.
“Isn’t it odd that at the end of the game, the king and the pawn end up in the same box,” I said. The king is a piece that is highly respected and valued. When your king is out of the…

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