The Game Of Communication: Languag Language And Communication

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In the current life style, communication is playing a vital role to enrich the human bondages in the personal relations, academics, business and international interactions. It is very unfortunate thing that most of us think that ‘communication is nothing but a kind of style in English language’. There should be the name of the game of communication which is lack in the procedure of sharing opinions in all the situations. Without knowing the fact, we misunderstand and misuse our time and the human resources. Being global language English has been being attracted by the people around the globe but the term communication and it’s systematic pattern is not understood. Having the view on communication in a paradoxical way it is not followed in a perfect manner. By the improper decoding of the intellectual procedure we ourselves gather some barriers in our communication. Hence, there will be a kind of disappointment in our multi relations by our communication instead of a great deal of sharing and understanding to build up the inter relations by inter communication skills.
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Language is a tool of transformation whereas communication is behaviour of people. It is very vague in the minds of under graduates, elders and professionals at the term communication. There is an assurance that it is very complexity about our behaviour .Most of the students, Adults and employees think and work mechanically in the process of academic and employment impressions. In this way, the term communication is being considered as posh speaking. But Communication is a process of sharing views to be understood both in verbal and non-verbal ways. This system affirms the inter personal understanding and

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