The Game Of Football Is A Popular Sport

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The game of Football is a very popular sport. This game can be played in a lot of different ways ranging from just throwing the football around to having a backyard tackle football game. It can be a very brutal, it doesn’t matter how you play. This game consists of players having the intent hit the other player. It’s just the name of the game. With these intents of hitting the other player or trying to hurt the other player comes great consequences. The consequences are known to be head injuries. In the last couple of years, the head injuries involved with this intense game play have been getting uncomfortably high. Many rules have had to be enforced for player safety, because of the increase of head injuries resulting in huge effects on players. Concussions have the most devastating effects. New equipment, as well as rule changes involved with helmet to helmet contact to stop concussions. Equipment alone cannot stop concussions in a sport in where high impact collisions occur every play. Football is a violent sport in which injuries occur; it is inevitable. The evolution of the equipment in the National Football League is supposed to stop the concussion rate; however it is becoming more of a problem with the new helmets. However the equipment is only half of the problem. The lack of technique in the NFL is also being pointed at as a major problem with more players lowering seeing what they hit. Helmets alone cannot stop concussions; cooperation from the players and…

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