The Game Of Pokemon Go On The Privacy Of Your Own Home

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Imagine small third party companies watching every step you take and viewing your actions through your own cellphone camera that 's looking right at you. Watching you walk the dog, or drive in the car, or lounge around in the privacy of your own home. Here 's the catch, these party companies are making money off of you when your phone is in use, without your realization. These exploits are happening as the days go by, and no one seems to shine light on this subject. The main issue here is big companies, such as Google, are giving people free apps to download and making money. They do this not only by customers making in-app purchases, but for selling your personal information to third party companies who then make revenue by putting it on the stock market. I would like to acknowledge that the Government needs to illuminate these exploits these companies are constructing, other than playing along with them, as they are edging into violating our privacy as U.S. citizens. The newly released hit game Pokemon Go has sparked some light in the souls of many people from the 90’s. All the nostalgic feelings of walking and catching your favorite Pokemon, fighting them, evolving them, and playing with friends. Aside from all the great things about this game, it may have a darker side that people do not really understand. Behind Pokemon GO is man named John Hanke. Hanke is a serial entrepreneur, a serial entrepreneur as defined by Business Dictionary is: an entrepreneur who

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