The Game Of Soccer : The Atp / Pc System

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1. Soccer is one of the most demanding of all sports. The game is played on one of the largest fields of any sport, for the longest sustained time and with the least amount of breaks. Players in a soccer team are in continuous activity as they compete for loose balls, move to encourage teammates, rotate positions and run to make a space or test opponents. Running, jumping, sprinting movements in relation with sudden changes of acceleration and route outweigh the play. The power of the game ranges between low-level activities such as walking or jogging to ones of high intensity such as sprinting . This is what is known as intermittent exercise. The rhythm of soccer is dynamic and constantly changing, which is a characteristic that divides it from other endurance sports , this suggests that in order for a midfielder to successfully endure for the entire 90 minutes all three energy systems assist in different stages although the ATP/PC system is dominant.

The ATP/PC system, which lasts up to 10 seconds, is the body’s initial source of fuel and is reliant on its stores of ATP and CP and provides the required burst of energy without the presence of oxygen for high intensity purposes. This burst of energy is due to separating of the chemical bonds between the Phosphate and Creatine which releases additional energy that helps produce more ATP so that we have it upon requirement for only a short period of time. This system is the most dominant system because this system is

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