The Game Of Softball : An Explosive And Peak Power Of The Upper Extremity

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Application The game of softball is very explosive and peak power of the upper extremity can improve many different areas of the sport. In softball, it is important to have a strong quick throw in order to get as many outs as possible. Every second counts and having a weak throw can cost a runner to be safe by only a tenth of a second. It can also relate to hitting, being able to have quick hands to the ball. Having power of the upper extremity is a major difference between a good and a great athlete. Scientific Background and Research Power is the rate at which work is performed. It has a speed component to it, unlike strength. The explosive aspect of strength is referred to as maximal muscular power and is the functional application of both strength and speed of movement (Kenney, Wilmore, & Costill, 2015). The Wingate Anaerobic Test (WAnt) has been proven to be a tool that is reliable for assessing muscular power, endurance and fatigue. A study was completed in order to determine the relationship between upper body strength and power and on the upper body anaerobicperformance. A bench press and bench press throw was used to determine upper body anaerobic performance and was measured during an arm ergometry WAnt (Lovell, Mason, Eagles, Shewring &Mclellan,2011). There were 24 men and 16 women who were physically active to participate in the study. The participants were asked to not complete any exhaustive exercise 48 hours prior to the session. To assess strength,

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