The Game Of Tennis Tournament

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Literature Review

The game of tennis has a unique aspect, because it can be played on different surfaces such as: clay, hard and grass. In order to be at the top of the rankings, tennis players need to perform well on all of those surfaces. One of the reasons is because four main tennis tournaments, which are called Grand Slams, are played on four different surfaces (Girard, Micallef, & Millet, 2010). Those tournaments do provide the most ranking points and even has the biggest prize money budget. While playing on different surfaces, tennis players are using various tactics since all kind of surfaces affect each player differently. Research by Johnson and McHugh (2006) concluded that the serve is one of the most used strokes during service games, and serve consisted 45% of all strokes in French Open and 60% in Wimbledon. However, to my knowledge there is no research done how service efficiency differs on certain surfaces during a tennis match. Studies in the past has examined what factors influences service efficiency and this type of research would help tennis players to be aware of how their service performance differs during a tennis match.
Different types of tennis surface effects
In one of the research studies, which examined the effects of different surfaces, and was written by Tudor, Zečić, and Matković (2014), mainly focused on how tennis players change their tactics while competing in the most important tennis tournaments called Grand Slams. These
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