The Game Red Dead Redemption

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Have you ever wanted to experience what is like being a cowboy in the Wild West? Experiencing first hand a gritty frontier town, vast unexplored territory, and the endless possibility for adventure. The gaming company Rockstar created the game Red Dead Redemption in order for gamers to see what it was to a dying breed in modernizing world. The game Red Dead Redemption depicts what life was like in the American frontier in the early nineteen hundreds.
The game Red Dead Redemption is an open world western created by Rockstar Games. Rockstar games decided to take a new approach on open world game such a Grand Theft Auto to offer a completely different perspective in a time in history. Rather then committing crimes in down LA, you are
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This was a time period during the industrial era where machines have become more prominent. The east coast of the United States had been becoming very modernized while the west was slowly catching up. The game Red Dead Redemption shows how historically accurate life was like back in the early nineteen hundreds. The year is nineteen eleven and you are first introduced to rough and rugged protagonist john Marston a former outlaw who escaped his gang and is trying to hunt down his former gang in order to live his life with family. Although John Marston is trying to hunt down his former gang, he finds out that he is going to embark in a great adventure that takes him in to the unsettled territory of the American Frontier. John will face many trials and tribulations when he goes head first into the Wild West. The game starts off of John Marston in a train leaving a city known as Black water. The town of Black water is portrayed as the most developed and civilized city in the game. The buildings are well constructed, the people are well dressed and polite, and there is law and order in the city. But after you get on train headed west you end up in a small town know as Armadillo. As soon as you get of the train John has to avoid a drunken person who stumbled out of the saloon (Gamespot, 2017). As the player in the game you quickly pick up the difference between the city of Black water and the frontier town of Armadillo. The own of Armadillo is some what developed.
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