The Game Room Is A Sense Of Comfort For The Gamer

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It is frigidly cold outside with mountains of snow stacked against the door. The only safety from the freezing winter wonderland is a house. Where the smell of dinner lingers in the air, and where the family tries to stay warm with sweet rich hot chocolate. Meanwhile a gamer sits alone in darkness with the fireplace roaring. This may seem sad how he sits in darkness like this. However he is like a dragon in a dark cave with it’s hoard, warm comfortable and certainly not lonely. The environment in the game room creates a sense of comfort for the gamer, while darkness creates discomfort. This first photo depicts the gamer in his natural habitat, playing games with his online friends. The game room is almost pitch black if not for the roaring fireplace, whose light spills into the darkness reflecting off the metal of the futon next to the gamer. The room is lit not only by the fireplace which flickers warmly behind the gamer, the TV that is displaying the gamer’s current activity also illuminates the room with an ever changing glow that changes whenever the gamer does something. The TV sits inside a large entertainment center that used to belong to his father, the entertainment center is made of a dark oak tree that was aged for seven years after being chopped down and built into it’s current grand state by the gamer’s grandfather. Mississippi State University cowbells are placed symmetrically atop the entertainment center, while the gamer’s consoles and TV sit on it along
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