The Game of Golf

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The Game of Golf When I started playing golf with my father at the age of seven years old, I never could have imagined how much this game has taught me about life, motivation, and myself. My senior year in high school I was playing as the number one and captain on the varsity golf team. That honor was bestowed on me, because I was supposedly the best man on the team. Which just happened to be true. It was an honor that I truly enjoyed because golf had been a hobby, sport, and passion I had worked extremely hard at for close to a decade. But playing first man also had its drawbacks. The one that I will speak of here is the style of speaking that I had to use while playing in a tournament. It was five o’clock at night on a crisp fall…show more content…
I view golf a lot like learning because no matter how much closer I get to flawlessness, there is always more to do and improve on. My mind functions like a balanced chemical equation or perfectly solved math problem with only one perfect solution, no gray area. Yet, the fact that I have to endlessly work at the process of perfection is exactly what intrigues me, and I have come to terms with the fact that imperfection is part of perfection. Over the past few years, I have leveraged this aspect of my character as a positive quality rather than a weakness. I view failures and imperfections as an opportunity for growth and room for improvement. Our hockey team emphasizes the phrase “Get Better Everyday” and personifies this as the GBT, or the “Get Better Train.” In order to be successful in any aspect of your life, you must be hungry for accomplishment. Being on the Get Better Train emphasizes the importance of working closer and closer to your goal everyday. On top of this, it stressed the importance of progress. No matter how big or little, every movement toward your goal is significant. This very simple concept has taught me to be positive everyday and strive to improve one aspect of myself everyday, always working toward the different goals I have in my life from personal, to career, to educational, and more. While many look at the game of golf and other sports as merely just a “game”, these sports have taught me

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