The Games And Its Effect On The World

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Plato once stated, “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Thus leading us to “Beer Games’,” this is a simulation providing real-world correlations and shows the team members the importance of communication, complex controlling system, avoiding real world issues, team building, and pressure & inter-dependencies. The games main role is to focus on the importance of communication among the different levels of the supply chain. Without communication among the team members, the only option is to guess what the intentions of the retailer, distributor, or wholesaler are. Without communication, you do not know what each supply chain members thought process is. So what you end up with is wild fluctuations of inventory you have or don’t have on hand (this completely dispels any attempt at “Just In Time Delivery”). The game also teaches the players how complex a controlling system is, as well as the dynamics of “Just In Time Inventory Management.” While our team was playing the game, the initial confusion was trying to predict what each member should order from the other supply chain manager. How much to order, did not become completely apparent until a few simulation weeks had gone by in the game. The structure of the game simulates a real organization; the team’s job is working together in order to avoid real world issues such as bullwhip or efficacy outliers. The game creates pressures such as, anticipation, confusion, and stress that can lead to bad decision
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