The Gang Member Of The Eight Tray Criminal Hoover Essay

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Frank Gottie is one of the most well known gang member of The Eight-Tray Criminal Hoover in Memphis. Gottie believes that gangs are becoming to spin out of control, that it needs to be a solution to gang activity. On July 10, 2016 Gottie says “I ain’t never seen heaven before, but it was like a Memphis heaven everybody was on one accord “, if the gangs could be on the same page for Black Lives Matter (Jones and Fretland, 2016) . Why can’t it happen for the youth? Ar’tavius Brown was 18 years old and joined a gang called the Pirus the Blood Alliance. Brown joined gang activity in South Memphis because he saw “people with the cars, with the money”(Goggans, 2014). Brown was put with the ramifications of having a gun shoot out at Central High school,but the judge saw something within Brown and gave him a second chance.
Why are these stories relevant? These stories are relevant to the gang problem because if a gang member, Frank Gottie, sees that the gang problem in Memphis has to stop then it should be addressed. The community should want a change so the generation in Memphis doesn’t fall into the typical stereotypes, they should want more for the future youth to come. Everyone(the youth) won’t have that second chance like the Memphian Ar’tavius Brown, all the youth won’t have that judge that will see the better side of the situation.The community needs to get more involved with the youth, their kids, and family; so the gang problem won’t become worse than it is becoming.

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