The Gang That The Author, Sudhir Venkantesh

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I would describe the gang that the author, Sudhir Venkantesh, studies in this book as a deviant group because they are not following usual or accepted standards in social behavior. “Deviance is a behavior, trait or belief that departs from a norm and generates a negative reaction in a particular group”. (Real World, Kerry Ferris, Jill Stein, p 153) According to this definition we can definitely see gangs departing from a norm by committing many crimes and not obeying the laws. One example to deviant behavior from the book is when Sudhir Venkantesh for the first times sees J.T and his gang beating up a man for not doing what he has been told. Sudhir Venkantesh states that “I had been hanging around J.T. for several months by now, and I’d never seen J.T. engage in violence”. (Gang Leader for a Day, 2008, p 63). Then the negative reaction comes from Sudhir Venkantesh after he for the first times sees J.T. beating a man severely. He knows most of the things J.T did was illegal but still he was shocked to see him being violent. He looks at J.T in a different way and J.T sees that reaction in his eyes. Gangs also have minor deviant behaviors too such as throwing their beer cans all over the place they live. Not all behaviors are seen as deviant in all groups. What is deemed deviant in one group, may not be seen as deviant in another. Most of the behaviors we see as deviant is not deviant for gangs at all because among them what they do is something that they do every day and…

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