The Gantt Chart For An Organization Essay

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One: What is a Gantt chart? The Gantt chart is a type of bar chart, which elaborate the project schedule for an organization. The management of the company usesthese chart different dates of different elements and the overall summary of the project, it is used in project management and beneficial in suitable time scale. a. What are five benefits of using a Gantt chart? There are five benefits of Gantt chart in a project management. The first benefit is to avoid the completion confusion, as it provides an effective time line to start and finish different tasks in project management. Second, it keeps everyone on the same page, as it provides and road map for the stakeholders with clear tasks and objectives for efficient completion. Third, it helps the management to make a good relationship in different tasks to depict a precise workflow in different projects. Fourth, it enables the management to allocate all the resources equality and effectively. Fifth, it helps the management to make effective and efficient decision for future, as the management can navigate the charts, bars regarding the tasks, and react accordingly. (Finch, 2015) b. What are five negatives of using a Gantt chart? The Gantt chart seems too simplistic, which is considered its negative tool. Second, it does not provide full information regarding the complex subjects. In large projects, these charts seem negative as these contain large data, which cannot be managed. Forth, the management has to estimate
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