The Gantt Chart Of Planning And Tracking Your Group 's Progress Through The Production Phase

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6. How useful was the Gantt chart in planning and tracking your group’s progress through the production phase? Give reasons. I think the Gantt chart was a good resource and very interesting but I think it wasn’t totally necessary. As CEO I knew everything that had to be done and was on top of it. My group members were also on top of their work and knew the deadlines. On the other hand I can see how a Gantt chart could be a vital part of a bigger business. 7. Explain in detail the steps your group put in place to ensure product quality and consistency throughout production. Quality control was a very important part of our business and also that all of our customers had equally the best product as the next. To ensure the quality of our…show more content…
Financial Management 10. How well did your group stay within budget of $20 per person? Was this reasonable? How could you have ensured you stayed within or under budget? Our group did manage to stay mostly within the $60 but a bit of the items came out of our own pockets. I think the $60 was a good amount but it was very difficult to stay within that amount. I think to $60 was also good because it helped keep the groups on the same page. So a group with a lot of money couldn’t go over the top to much. It kept everyone on the same level. We ensured that we stayed within the budget by shopping around and finding the cheapest price on all the items we needed. Also we prioritise on what had to be bought and what we could source from home. 11. Were you personally kept aware of your group’s financial position throughout the production phase? Explain. Even though I was not the encharge of overseeing the finance side of things I did have a big role in it. I calculated what was needed and where we could get the best price for it. I did the big shop and sourced most of the items. The financial planner Charlotte mad sure she kept the whole group aware of the budget. I would say that I was kept aware of the group’s financial position. 12. Consider the requirement for accurate, up to date financial records and comment on your group’s accounting practices. Marketing 13.

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