The Gap Between Aboriginal Childbearing Women And Their Non Aboriginal Counterparts

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The research topic has clear value to the discipline of Midwifery and more specifically to health professionals providing maternity care to Aboriginal Australian childbearing women. It is a national priority to address and solve health issues that contribute to closing the gap between Aboriginal childbearing women and their non-Aboriginal counterparts.

The driving force behind the research article is the question “What issues Ngaanyatjarra women would like to see resolved in the area of antenatal and birthing services?”, which is only articulated in the abstract part of the article. This research question is appropriate for a qualitative research as the study will consider the issues raised by Ngaanyatjarra women regarding antenatal and birthing services through their eyes.

The researchers intend to build on existing knowledge by gaining insight into the issues Ngaanyatjarra women would like to see resolved regarding perinatal services, but the rationale as to why pursuing this question is worthwhile does not evolve from the literature review. Consequently, neither the specific questions that need answering nor the knowledge-gaps are explicitly expressed in the introduction.

On the one hand, difficulties in reading the article may arise simply by the layout of the document. Albeit Simmonds et al (2012) refer to articles which support their views; this is not equivalent to providing a clear background. For example, whereas a description of the reviewed literature…
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