The Gap Between Conventional Medicine And Herbal Medicine

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The Ever Widening Gap Between Conventional Medicine and Herbal Medicine
By Robert D Hawkins | Submitted On March 28, 2011

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Expert Author Robert D Hawkins
It has been over 15 years now since I first started using and studying the applications for herbal and homeopathic medicine. It wasn 't that I was against conventional medicine (and still am not). It was more a blend of curiosity, necessity, and safety, with a dash of family influence thrown in for good measure that drove me in the direction of natural herbal and homeopathic health.

I always thought that over time practitioners of western medicine would eventually see the advantages of herbal and homeopathic medicine while becoming more aware of the risks involved with pharmaceutical medications. These realizations would in turn lead to more moderate approach to prescription pharmaceuticals and open the door for a handful of proven herbal and homeopathic remedies.

But I fear that the pendulum is swinging in the other direction with those practicing medicine, with an emphasis on treating disease with pharmaceutical drugs, becoming even more resistant to the idea. It is hard to know exactly why…

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