The Gap Between Energy Consumption And Energy Generation

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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Background The gap between energy consumption and energy generation is gradually increasing and has become a significant problem for both domestic and industrial applications. Furthermore, conventional energy sources, like fossil fuels, are not fulfilling the energy needs of the developing world. And, although they are still major energy sources for both the industrial and domestic sectors of the world 's economy, they are also responsible for many problem, such as environmental pollution and climate change. Alternative energy sources are essential for, and the best solution to, both decreasing the use of fossil fuels and fulfilling energy demands more healthily and cleanly. The major problem with…show more content…
The electrical energy method stores electrical energy with the use of batteries. This method is generally considered the best, most prevalent technique when compared to others. The thermal energy storage (TES) method, on the other hand, stores energy by changing the internal energy of materials. There are three types of thermal energy storage; viz., sensible heat, latent heat, and thermochemical energy storage. These are illustrated in Figure 1 below [1]. Latent heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) is a particularly appealing method due to its having a high energy storage capacity, with it storing 5 to 14 times more heat per unit volume when compared to the conventional sensible heat storage method. The latent heat storage method is a system based on the charging and discharging of heat once a given storage material subject changes phases from liquid to solid or from liquid to gas. Additionally, the latent heat storage system stores energy at a constant, or near constant, temperature during the process of changing phases which, in turn, depends on the characteristic structure of the phase change materials (PCMs). Figure 1. Different types of thermal energy storage methods [2] The Motivation of this Study For three decades, many techniques have been used for the purpose of storing latent heat thermal energy by applying different phase change materials. PCMs. are also known as latent heat storage materials.
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