The Gap Between Rich And Poor

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Advancement in technology has contributed to increase and develop Globalization around the world. It cannot be denied that this process is helping to make the life style of some people better. However, the gap between rich and poor keeps widening. This essay’s goal is to explore and try to understand how positive/negative Globalization is. We will discuss the benefits provided by technology to the whole world. But as well, how this benefits can have a boomerang effect. We will try to identify patterns along the events we discuss to find the ultimate truth about Technology and Globalization. The primary source of information will be articles written by economy experts such as T. Friedman, J. Sachs, W. Easterly and some other recognised writers in the field. Technology and Globalization have done many positive things around the world even though many people still argue about this. “Trade-driven economic growth and technology transfer have alleviated much human misery.” (Samuelson) [Use the author’s last/family name -- MLA style documentation format] During the last few decades Globalization has been evolving at a very rapid pace. Nonetheless, it seems like the economic system is about to change worldwide, or it is at a major turning point. (Samuelson) During the years that the current system was evolving, link and interdependence between countries around the world was deepening furthermore. “The results of this constant deepening link between countries is that any conflict

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