The Gap Between Rich And Poor

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Down Easy and Up Hard Continuously, both poor and rich people will always exist. Rich people are mostly born from wealthy families. The more they work, the richer they get. Furthermore, the less rich people work, it can be a source of downfall to their economic stability. As for poor people, it can be a tough situation for them to acquire a higher professional position. In regards people, they need to work extremely hard to get to the middle class and then perhaps to a higher class. It is said that “middle class in the US they exert cultural dominance and drive political change” (Lawson and Elwood 2014 210). In essence, it is not bad to be in the middle class. Poor class has the challenge of their lives, but if they are hard-working…show more content…
It is said that “Chicago’s West Humboldt Park neighborhood was historically home to working and middle class residents” (Lawson and Elson 2014 220). In Chicago’s West Humboldt Part neighborhood, economic diversity can be seen between poor and middle classes. Additionally, in places such as parks and other public buildings every person are perceived equally so the gap between them are not obvious. Second, the gap between the rich and poor people is so enormous because of the economy. It is all about taxes. Currently, the government believes, in low taxes for big companies in order for them to give opportunities for people to work more. Maybe some companies do so, but not all. The money that companies need to pay for taxes goes to the owners’ pocket, instead. Most companies use the excess money for themselves, not for new places or for labor. As for the poor people, they pay big taxes. The taxes for poor people are going up and the salary is doing down. In the recent years the salary for poor people changed a lot, but also the tax rose. “The dramatic economic and demographic disparities between distressed and nondistressed US cities in1992 were virtually unchanged by the early 2000s” (Silver, el al

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