The Gap Between The North And South Of England And Poverty

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With the widening gap between the North and South of England and poverty rates being at an all-time high, there are many theories and explanations as to why individuals choose to commit suicide. There are some ideas that people commit suicide due to poverty and being socially and economically disadvantaged there are others that believe that having no education leads to higher levels of suicide. However critics would argue that these explanations do not take into account personal circumstances of the individual. However statistically suicide rates are higher in areas of higher levels of poverty.

Geography of health looks into health issues in terms of spatial dimension and attempts to explore where something occurs and why that would be significant to human health. This specifically occurs when geographers look at space (Concerned with where things are) and then focus on issues such as place (Places are unique locations often having a particular meaning behind them) and location for example (Anthamatten and Hazen, 2011). This could then be further explored when looking at factors such as social and environmental influences. Misra (2007) further defines geography of health as study of human health and the environment with spatial considerations including healthcare and status. When considering the approaches to geography of health there are several things that could be taken into account firstly ecological approaches, which is the focus on
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