The Gap Between Theory And Practice

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Literature Review There is a definite gap between theory and practice. This is due to a knowledge transfer problem, which means that knowledge created through research isn’t necessarily in a format that can be used effectively by practitioners (Van de Ven & Johnson, 2006). This paper attempts to bridge the gap between the available information in the form of research and use by practitioners by stressing the need for relevance of research to the current business environment (Van de Ven & Johnson, 2006). The reason this article is so effective is that it addresses the fact that research must also confront problems that practitioners are currently experiencing in their work environments. This scholarly article also focuses on the development of research that tells practitioners exactly what they should do based on the problems that they are currently experiencing (Van de Ven & Johnson, 2006). This gap between theory and practice can also be bridged through the use of marketing engineering (Lilien, Rangaswamy, Bruggen & Wierenga, 2002). Marketing engineering involves the use of computer software to solve business problems in the field of marketing (Lilien et al., 2002). What this means is that managers can combine data, information, and managerial decision-making power to make better decisions than were possible in the past (Lilien et al., 2002). This also involves creating products, such as decision trees, that will also aid managers in solving problems (Lilien et
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