The Gap Between Women And Men

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The Gap Between Women and Men As a woman in the modern era it is hard to imagine the life of a women fifty years ago. The routine they followed then completely differs from that of today’s. A woman’s main purpose was to serve a man; unfortunately, sometimes this still holds to be true. Furthermore, women face numerous hurdles everyday compared to men in the workplace as well as in society. To this day it is still true that women must do more than men in order to succeed in todays society. From 1848 to 1920 one of the biggest inequality movements took place—it was known as the Women’s Rights Movement. This life changing movement was fought by well-known women such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who formed the National Woman Suffrage Association. This association focused on achieving the right to vote for women. Unfortunately, racism tainted the movement. Furthermore, sadly the fight for equality in the workplace is still taking place today. For example, gender bias still exists in the workplace after 50 years of the passing of the Equal Pay Act. Women have been climbing the corporate ladder; however, female executives still face many hurdles. According to, “women now fill 53 percent of entry-level positions in the biggest U.S. companies, but only 28 percent of vice president and senior managerial positions.” Although 53 percent is a huge leap from where employment for women used to be, it is harder for a woman to move up in the company

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