The Gap Year Break Between High School And College

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Sharron Adams ENC1101/53403 Draft of Research Paper Due: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Word Count: 1707 The Gap Year Taking a gap year break between high school and college can be beneficial, productive, and exciting and even fun! A gap year can often help students discover talents they were unaware they had, develop new skills and give them time to gain a positive direction in life that can possibly better shape their career direction. Would you like to spend that first year after high school back-packing through Europe, working as a missionary building homes in South America or, just for fun, riding the surf off the California Coast? But what, you wonder, about your plans for going on to college? Have you ever thought about taking a gap year off to follows your dreams or to fulfil a social obligation that you feel warrants your time and energy? Because there has been a major growth in ‘gap year’ participation in recent years, the proportion of those students availing themselves of the gap year is increasing and becoming a more popular trend with each passing year. With the pros and cons discussed, this research paper will show that taking a gap year can often be a very good idea. In his article, Should Students Have a Gap Year?, Andrew J. Martin states that a gap year is usually defined as a period of time that students take after graduation and before continuing with formal education, training, or the workforce. Americans in particular seem to be
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