The Gap of Generations

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Logan Rose Davis English- 1302- 11618 July/5/2012 The Gap of Generations Morals and goals change throughout generations as they grow up and go through different events. Lorraine Hansberry wrote A Raisin in the Sun and in the play a man name Walter and his Mama fight throughout the story of how they should think about what is most important to the two people. Mama grew up in the early 1900s and how she was treated and what she had back then helped mold her in to the things she finds most important. Walter grew up where he has more chances to do stuff that his mother could never even think of. Mama and Walter have totally different out look at life between money and family. Mama’s values are pretty basic she just wants to keep the…show more content…
Domina impassive how Mama Morals by saying “The audience will recall that Mama cares for all living things, even those that do not seem to thrive” (Dominica 3) just shows that Mama is family number one. Walter and Beneatha have a totally different mindset then Mama because of the way they grew up. The two children grew up in a different era then Mama they both were involved in racial eras, but in Walters and Beneathas era is more open time. The success and morels are bigger of the two children Walters morals is all about money rather than family because he thinks that money will make him into the leader of the family, and be able to get them anything they want. Beneatha is just like her brother that the basic is just not enough even her friend Asagai gave her a name that means “bread is not enough” (Hansberry, Raisin 1604) he is just saying that the basic stuff is just not enough for her she needs more. Success in Walters’s eyes is all about money, and it’s not all about him being greedy it’s just all about wanting to have more for the family. At the beginning of the play Walters’s son wanted fifty cents for school but when Travis asked his mom she said no then he asked Walter and he gave him the fifty cents like it was nothing. Walter just wanted his son to look up at him and see that he is a big successful man. Hansberry wrote “When we first meet him, he does not wish to alter it; merely to change his position in it” ”(Hansberry, Willie

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