The Garb Of Societal Norms: An Analysis

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In this paper the author has made a sincere venture which maybe aptly called an adventure the author has taken a painstaking and arduous task of highlighting cruelty on women under the garb of Societal Norms and its horrible consequences leading to disintegration of family life and trying to suggest a solution to Domestic Violence, that is a social problem and mist be solved by both social and legal solution because not always legislation by itself can be a solution to deep rooted social problems. Although the statue passed may give the problem of Domestic Violence a little push and have that educative factor as well as legal sanction behind however as Roscoe Pound, said “What there is in the way of preventive Justice Is achieved not by legal but by social agencies. It is done, for the most part not by the agencies of law but by the social workers.”…show more content…
O’Creulty, why thy victim is generally a woman!
The right to be safe and live free from violence is a fundamental human right, for both men and women. For this sole reason wherein this paper on one side we attempts to cover violence against women, it’s causes, legislations preventing such incidents, on the other hand the paper has extensively talked about possible misuses of Domestic Violence Laws of Women and at the end have tried to focus on Gender
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