The Garbage Of Waste Management System

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Allen Durutovic
Mrs. Rollens
College Writing
29 January 2015

Although many people lack concern over the removal of their garbage, as modern sanitation systems leave almost no trace of it whatsoever to the common individual; however, as the collected data supports, garbage poses a significant threat to the global environment, as pollution causes damaging consequences around the globe.

I. Garbage Mountains: Throughout the world and especially in the United States man made piles and mountains of garbage are becoming a major environmental issue in our society. Upcoming solutions for these over piling “garbage mountains” are to transform this garbage into usable materials.
"The winding road that led us to flawed garbage numbers in Washington and a garbage mountain in LA begins 120 years ago in the NY of the 1890 's widely considered at the time to be among the most exciting, vibrant and corrupt cities in the world, it was also the foulest, smelliest and dirtiest truly a city of garbage. This is arguably the fertile soil in which Americas modern waste management system begins."
"The neighbors of Puente Hills thought they had scored a victory, but they had only traded a power plant for an even bigger trash mountain. And when 1993 rolled around, they were outraged anew when, instead of closing down as they expected, the landfill was allowed to expanded and extend its life another two decades, to 2013." Puente Hills is located in Los Angeles. The Puente Hills garbage mountain
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