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The Garden Depot Issue Analyzed: How to best address Derek Sinclair’s poor work performance Student Number: 5934823 MGMT 1P96 Sec 06 Jeff O’leary January 27, 2015 Executive Summary: There are several problems within the landscaping division. Sinclair has been unable to properly fill out job slips and time sheets, fabricating issues with keeping proper inventory and also customers are not being invoiced for the proper amounts. Sinclair is unqualified for the job and it appears that he is not concerned about the inefficiencies within his department. He often gives his work to other employees for them to complete. Sinclair also does not have the proper skill set to be a manager of the landscaping…show more content…
Another alternative action is to hire Marcus Bowman as the official keeper of job slips, therefore relieving Sinclair of that duty. A final course of action is to fire Sinclair and replace him with M. Bowman, allowing Marcus to acquire all of the responsibilities of the landscaping department manager. My recommendation is to fire Sinclair and hire M. Bowman as this course of action would best suit the company, and give the depot the best chance of realizing its goals. This process would include a hiring period, and a period of time in which M. Bowman familiarizes himself with his department and correct any wrongdoings erected by Sinclair. M. Bowman’s starting salary would be $75, 000 per year, with the optional yearly bonus and additional increase at the end of his contract. The contingency plan in place is to still fire Sinclair if his performance does not improve, but replace him with J. Bowman. J. Bowman would become manager of the landscaping division; and the depot would promote N. Coss to office manager, assuming J. Bowman’s old duties. Overview: The Garden Depot is a 22 year old; family owned retail and lawn care company located in Barrie, Ontario. Its doors opened in 1985 and have been growing ever since. It supplies a large variety of floral, gardening, and lawn-care products and services. The Garden Depot originated with the retail division and then expanded to include lawn
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