The Garden Of Earthly Delights By Hieronymus Bosch

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Estimated to have been painted sometime between 1505 and 1510, The Garden of Earthly Delights was created by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch (who was known for his tenancy to create fantasy like figure painting of demons, machines and sometimes grotesque/frightening imagery). This oil painting is composed of three panels (triptych), measuring 13 feet by 7 feet when all the panels are open. When opening up Bosch’s triptych, the first panel reveals a colorful interior filled with strange building, abnormal landforms, and many different types of crossbreed (alien like) creatures. In the front of the left-hand panel, there lies three figures who can be assumed to be God himself (standing in-between) and the figure of Adam and Eve. The…show more content…
The first panel depicts God introducing Adam to the creation of Eve (who was made from Adam’s rib bone) and with this first depiction the mankind’s initial state of innocence which become corrupted with God’s introduction of Eve. However, you’ll notice that in the central panel that God is absent from it, which is why it depicts humanity acting in its own free will, in which they are engaging in various sexual activities, in a board view of nude figure, hybrid fairytale like creatures, and oversize fruit and plants. Making the central panel the representation of fleetingness of worldly pleasure. The final panel, which looks like hell, showing the eccentric torment given out to the damned, which is believed to be the vengeance of God for the sins and lust that is depicted in the central panel. This can only can be assumed though because again there isn’t any concrete evidence on the true meaning or point to Bosch’s ”Garden of Earthly Delights”. Since there isn’t much known about the paint true meaning or thesis, there also isn’t much evidence on the paintings backstory. Which can only lead us to theorized why or who was the painting commissioned for. One theory comes from Wilhelm Franger’s book, “The Millennium of Hieronymus Bosch,”. Where he argues the painting was commissioned by The Order’s Brethren and Sister of the Free Spirit, for their Grand Master [1]. That is just one theory among many other
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