The Garden Party By Katherine Mansfield

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Laura Sheridan: A Bright Light in a Dark World Laura Sheridan is someone described by the narrator who knows how things should be done to be fair and respectable to others, but she doesn’t always get to follow through with how she feels. The narrator does not give an exact age for her, although it is quite clear she is a young woman living at home with her parents and siblings. Laura at times gets caught in her own emotions trying to please others and satisfy herself at the same time. She follows the rules as she was raised to, in a large home with her wealthy family, and yet she is unsatisfied, seeming to want a simpler life. The short story “The Garden Party” by Katherine Mansfield suggests Laura Sheridan is very different from her…show more content…
‘Stop the garden-party? My dear Laura, don 't be so absurd. Of course we can 't do anything of the kind. Nobody expects us to. Don 't be so extravagant.” Laura 's mother has almost the same reaction, pressuring Laura to think the same as them and continue on with the party. The narrator writes of an area of trees that could be a reflection of Laura herself, a beautiful soul being hidden away: "Then the karaka-trees would be hidden. And they were so lovely, with their broad, gleaming leaves, and their clusters of yellow fruit. They were like trees you imagined growing on a desert island, proud, solitary, lifting their leaves and fruits to the sun in a kind of silent splendour. Must they be hidden by a marquee? " Laura is the same way, always trying to be seen for doing what is right, but instead being hidden away for the sake of others feelings and opinions. Laura battles an inner conflict with wanting to do what 's right in several situations. The moment Laura hears of the man 's death, she knows the party must be canceled out of respect for the stranger who has passed and his family. Laura is the only one who feels this way in her home: "But we can 't possibly have a garden-party with a man dead just outside the front gate. And just think of what the band would sound like to that poor woman." When Laura addresses this issue with her mother, she is pressured into thinking the way
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