The Garden, The Apple And The Fall-

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The Garden, The Apple and The Fall-

The Retelling of The Fall of Man from Paradise in Western Literature Western literature, particularly that of a religious nature, is replete with references to paradise, a transcendental reality in which man exists in his ideal state. In the western canon, the Garden of Eden is ubiquitous with this paradise or heaven. What is the Garden of Eden? In what ways has man’s fall from paradise influenced the mindset and psyche of modern man? Like many tales in the Bible, the story of man’s life in paradise and his subsequent expulsion, is one that has been retold and modernized by a multitude of writers and philosophers. Over the course of my independent reading this semester, I hope to find answers to these questions, as well as gain a deeper understanding of paradise and redemption within the context of Western literature. For this reason, I will look at many different perspectives on the fall of man, sin and paradise by a diverse array of writers.

As with any quest, the honest traveller must begin at the beginning of the trail, so I will begin by reading John Milton’s Paradise Lost as well Dante’s Divine Comedy. Paradise Lost, the classic tale of the Satan’s attempt to win back heaven after man’s fall and his loss of grace before the Lord is often considered a pillar of European literate and is certainly the most influential work of the 17th century. The Divine Comedy, presents a slightly different perspective and style; its writer,

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