The Gases Of An Average North American's Embodied Greenhouse Gases

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Introduction: In today 's digital era, advancements are being made everywhere in attempt to change the world for the better. We as a society are trying to break through with technological discoveries, yet also try to cut down on our emitted green house gases; are both of these ambitions actually feasible, and can they cooperate with one another? Obviously the manufacturing and use of our internet-connected devices contribute to the overall pollution of the world, so no matter how efficient these devices are, there will always be room for improvement, however does their effect on our environment really play that large of a part? The intended goal for this paper is to deconstruct the 'meaning ' and overall effect behind an average North-American 's embodied greenhouse gases. Firstly I will be going over my methods of research and how I was able to derive my embodied greenhouse gases of IT devices number through the analysis from Teehan and Kandlikar (2012) and refining it by using other research such as the writings from Deng, Babbitt and Williams (2011) which focused in on the resources required through every stage in the process of manufacturing these devices. Using my number, along with the number calculated by my peers, I will formulate an average emission rate (per person) to get a reasonable number for what a typical first-world consumer might contribute to. I will analyze and discuss the data received in order to determine ways of improving our carbon footprint, and

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