The Gates Of The Castle

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use. Either the action would be prevented by the warriors defending the gates of the castle and he'd be a sitting duck inside the castle, or the full army of the Scots would be overpowered, which would imply that standing in the hall would be a death wish. No, he needed to move fast and come up with an alternative plan; one that made a difference inside the battle. He knew that if he ran after the lass, then he'd look like a shaggy dog looking for guidance due to the fear of imminent battle. "No, it's time to think on my feet, I'll find a lie to explain this later." He dashed towards the kitchen, knowing that this area of the castle would contain two crucial things for him: an exit to the outside and a boy eager to get money. Kitchens…show more content…
Once the servant was away, he separated two more coins - he didn't want running the risk of having the boy get greedy enough to try pickpocketing him - and stowed them securely in his hand, patiently waiting for the helper's arrival. Soon enough he was back with the requested materials, which Julian took from his hand and gave the coins in retribution. "Tell no one", he said, knowing that if word arrived about his meddling before the situation was taken care of, then it would have all been for naught. With that said, he rushed to the fortified tower and climbed the stairs, entering the circular premises in a rush. When he set foot in the tower, all eyes were looking at him. "Pretend you're supposed to be here. People fall for lies that are fed to them with an assertive stance", Julian thought to himself as he remembered his training. He waited for half a second before he spoke loudly. "Hey, back to your positions, I didn't tell you to get out of your post without my permission. For those that are wondering who the fuck I am, I am for now your Commander, orders of Lady Fergusson, and I shall have your full obedience while I'm coordinating the defence in this tower. If you still doubt my word, just look at the fact that the weapon I have is of your own kind, provided by your Lady herself, and question no more. Now resume your positions, or I shall have you whipped after this is done",
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