The Gateway Group 's Alcoholic Anonymous

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For the support group observation assignment, I attended the Gateway Group’s Alcoholic Anonymous (A.A.) meeting. The Gateway Group is part of a larger organization called the Tri-County Intergroup Association of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Tri-County Intergroup serves A.A. members in Franklin, Wake, and Warren Counties and is broken down into 113 separate groups. As the preamble states, the purpose of all A.A. group meetings are for A.A. members to share their experience strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. There are no dues or fees for being an A.A. member, and the only requirement for membership is to have a desire to stop drinking (). The Gateway Group…show more content…
The leader of the group, began the meeting with a welcome and an introduction of the visitors. Visitors introduced themselves first and then the entire group individually introduced themselves by stating, “hello, I am (first name) and I am an alcoholic.” The group would respond back, “hello, (first name).” After introductions, the leader made announcements and passed around a calendar and black binder for people to submit any additional announcements. Other members of the group then read the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Steps (See Appendix). Next, the Gateway Group had a short intermission, so that the group could be split into two smaller groups, to allow more people to speak. As we recommenced, the leader asked if anyone had anything to get off their chest, if they felt like they needed a drink, or if they had taken a drink. There was no response, so the leader continued with the lesson. The topic of discussion was “Spiritual Progress” and she began describing her spiritual journey and how significant the first and third step were in her life. As she concluded, the floor was then opened for others to share stories about their “Spiritual Progress.” People willingly shared and gave insight on what helped them grow spiritually and physically. Whenever someone spoke, they would introduce themselves as “hello, I am (first name)” and when they finished the group would say, “thank you (first name).” About 10

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