The Gateway Unit ( Model )

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GEP Gateway Unit (Model) GS # I- IV (1-4)
GS = General Statements are used for research and for drawing conclusions about how you think immigrants lived and their experiences and how they felt. You will first research the statements, which will be used for various purposes. There are 8 GS statements. Each GS will need to be placed on a separate sheet of paper.
Days 1 & 2 – GS 1 & GS 2GS 1 : Since the early seventeenth century, an astonishing number of persons have migrated to America for several reasons. Put “push” and “pull” factors.
(Note: you will give specific instances( 3-4) from various countries’ immigrants for the reasons given under each category. Give time period, country and specific push or pull factor.
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Their country started having a great economic downfall. Farmers were having a rough time growing crops because industries were going to replace them. Austria-Hungary was started to get overpopulated. Jobs were provided for the people of Austria-Hungary. The people were going to start immigrating to America and waited until their country got better.

B. Religious freedom (need 3) Germany- 1870-1875- German Jews and Catholics were being discriminated against in their country. They left right away because they didn’t like the. They left right away for America. Some had family members who already immigrated to America and talked about the all the great opportunities they could enjoy. Norwegian- 1825-1826- The Norwegians that came to America were mostly Lutherans and priests and Quakers to avoid religious persecution. Most of the religious groups immigrated to Western New York in America. At that time and all the time America was the Home of the Free. So it was easy for the immigrants to love it. Russia- 1870-1880- Russian Jews had to escape quickly from the persecutions that started happening. Fleeing quickly the Jews had to escape the restricted laws in Europe. This was the second major wave in Jewish European immigration. The anti-semitism left European Jews having to immigrate to America, the one secure place.

C. Escape from political oppression (need 3) Cuba-
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