The Gathering Decision Making Body

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The meeting in which I attended was put on by BikeShare, which is a small Start-Up business based in San Francisco about to drastically expand their operations to the East Bay, as well as increase their footprint within San Francisco. What they do is provide publically accessible bikes that can be rented from one of several locations and returned to any of the BikeShare locations. The purpose of the gathering decision making body is to determine preferred Phase 1 BikeShare instillations within a specific grid of Berkeley. The objective of the meeting was to gather information from the residents of Berkeley as to where they think do and don’t want these installations installed, in addition to obtaining detailed comments. BikeShare itself doesn’t have any actual jurisdiction, but they were gathering information in which two city council members that attended the meeting reside over, which whom spoke during the meeting and promoted the proposed installations. The main topic of this meeting was where to put the Phase 1 (of 3) BikeShare installations. “Since the 1960s many counties have made some form of public participation mandatory for major transportation projects and policies” (Schiller p.201), which means this meeting may have been more about fulfilling a legal requirement than seeking the publics opinion. Issues discussed in the meeting were whether on or off street stations were more ideal, if certain locations were in optimal locations for the stations’ solar panels,
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