"The Gathering" by Anne Enright - Analytical Essay

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“The Gathering” by Anne Enright - Analytical Essay

This book “The Gathering”, sheds some light on the dark side of human behaviour. It shows that every single event that occurs in the past, effects your present actions and attitudes, and that laughter and happiness are some of the greatest weapons against the dark. The Kraken attempts to make each member of the Chain vulnerable, by breaching their weaknesses and talking about their worst memories, so that they get distracted from the true battle.

“The past has the power to influence present actions and attitudes but it must be left behind for progress to be achieved.” This idea is used on many occasions during the book, such as how Nathanial’s behaviour is influenced during his
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He had been so busy fighting, that he didn’t see his little sister Jenny, climb to the top of the slide. The next thing Indian heard, was a loud thump, and the monotonous sound of someone screaming. Jenny had sustained brain damage from the impact of her fall. Indian is big and very strong, but because of what he had brought upon Jenny, he feels that he has no right to defend himself, and refuses to fight or retaliate when attacked or provoked: “I don’t fight back because I deserve to be hurt. Because of Jenny. That’s my punishment.” Lallie’s message to Indian was, “A wound…which is hidden will in darkness fester.” By this, Lallie was telling Indian to reveal the true story about the day in the park to his mum, and that he shouldn’t cover it up any more.

Nissa, the independent girl with no compassion, is revealed to have had her heart broken when she was a young girl. One of her mother’s many boyfriends claimed to be in love with Nissa, and sexually abused her. As a result she never let anybody become even the slightest bit attached to her, and from then on, she didn’t show any emotion: “I made a vow to myself then, that I’d never love anyone again.” Lallie’s message to Nissa was, “Strength without compassion is soulless and cruel. Weakness… brings understanding.”

A car that Danny was in, was driven through a fence and bogged in a field. The driver, whom Danny did not know, ran away leaving Danny to face the police alone.

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