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Today I would like to talk to you about some of the conspiracies surrounding gay marriage. Some people have said that the gays are planning some huge plot to convert all the straight people. It all makes sense! They cry equality just to get straight people to be nice to them. Then once the straight people let their guard down, they turn e m! There's also another conspiracy I want to talk about. I beleive that if we allow them lesbians to marry, then they are going to trap all of us men into paying child support through reproductive entrapment. I recently heard a sort of fight conspiracy between gay men and straight men on Youtube, its mostly just gays trying to threaten straight guys with taking our girls.I can honestly say I am torn. So…show more content…
This class will have nothing to do with the other two. There are no extra things attached to this marriage, just a man and a woman having children and paying everything together. The third class, male-male marriages, will be the worst off. The marriages between two men will be the maritial underclass. Most of these men will become un-consenting "fathers" through reproductive entrapment. The gay men that end up un-consenting fathers will be forced to pay child support to the lesbians, and become "economically enslaved to Class-1 marriages. Okay so the other day I was watching those Youtube videos and I watched a few videos about straight men fighting with gay men over a conspiracy. It was pretty much just gays saying that they already do all the girly things with women, so if we straight men don't stop complaining then they might take our women. I then watched a video of straight men's reply which was basically we don't care go ahead. If gay men are dumb enough to free us from marriage then let them. They can take the women anywhere they want to go. Honestly life would be so much easier if I didn't have to take Betty Lou to see them chick flicks. Just last week I had to sit through that depressed sparkly vampire movie. I'm at the point of hiring a gay guy to keep my wife entertained. Now that I've told you about some of them conspiracies surrounding gay marriage, maybe you will think about what exactly you will be allowing them gays

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