The Gen X And Y

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Generations As I grew up I realized that my life is very different from the life that my parents and my grandparents lived and probably will be different from the life my children will live. Some people say that every generation is different from each other. Throughout history many generation have been named after something that it’s said to describe them in every way, Tim Urban called the generation I live in the Generation Y or GYPSY’s. The generation my parents lived in was called Generation X or Baby Boomers. The Gen X and Y are very different in some aspects while in other they are very similar. For many people the normal “five milestones of adulthood are completing school, leaving home, becoming financially independent, marring and having a child” (Henig) in that order, but the people in generation Y have a different way of viewing those milestones. People in the Y generation stopped marring early and having babies and became more focused on their careers, while others choose to leave school for work, some never have children or are unable to, some never leave home or return home after some time and some never achieve all the five milestones. During my parents’ generation in Brazil “it was normal for people to return to their parents’ house” (Fischer) and stay there until they get married or start a new family, different from generation Y the education was very important so not many people left school. Most people in the Baby boomers generation kept the same job and
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