The, Gender, And Gender Equality

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Transgender is a relatively new term; it refers to a person that believes that their gender identity doesn’t correspond with his or her biological sex. Doctors diagnosis this uneasy feeling about one’s gender as Gender Dysphoria. Often time’s he or she might undergo sex reassignment surgery to physically become his or her desired gender. Like every other citizen in the United States, transgenders are entitled to a series of rights. However, a transgender’s "inconsistency in the presentation between biological sex and gender expression is usually not tolerated by others” (D’Augellia and Grossman). Intolerance leads to gender discrimination and harassment. Transgenders are targeted because they do not fulfill the societal norms or gender roles in a given community. In every culture, children learn the behaviors associated with males and female through gender stereotypes. When someone doesn’t fit the standards for a given gender, he or she is deemed an outcaste. The idea of being outcasted is not a recent concept. “ One of the first recorded examples involved a servant in the Virginia colony in the 1620s who claimed to be both a man and a woman” (Erickson-Schroth). The servant went by two names Thomas and Thomasine Hall, and was facing persecution for being socially deviant. The judicial system punished hall by “denying him/her the freedom to switch between male and female identities” (Erickson-Schroth). Hall was denied the right to choose his or her gender; instead, the

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