The, Gender, And Race

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Intersectionality is the practice (law) of looking at the overlap of a gender and race regarding an individual. In most practices before intersectionality it was common practice in law to group a gender together or an one race together in belief that they all had the same struggle and searched for the same outcome. Which was misguided and instead of handling one gender or race for instance (black people as a whole) looking at someone 's gender and race as a package (black women not just all women).
This new practice of intersectionality is done because the needs of someone may be more specific to their race or gender but the combination of both race and gender.
For instance, looking at the rape of women needless to say these women have been subjected to both of crime and sexism. Intersectionality will point out that there may be needs that should be addressed regarding the rape depending on if that individual has overlap does implementing intersectionality. For example, women of color being raped may also have to deal with racism. The idea here is not just to work towards ending sexism but sexism (if you group all women together) but to also end racism. If the law only looks at one of the overlapping elements gender or race and not the both of them then maybe only some problems are addressed and e extinguished. 1

The last line in the introductory chapter of "The Matter of Whiteness" written by Richard Dyer. “Thus it is that the paradoxes and instabilities of whiteness…

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