The Gender Differences Of The United States ' Work Force

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Nona Mitoyan
Professor Darin
English 101
November 30, 2014
Sex Segregation in the U.S. Work Force
This research paper focuses on the gender differences that take part in the U.S. workforce. It discusses the manner in which men and women are subtly segregated. We refuse to believe that discrimination as such continues to exist in the 21st century, yet it’s the ugly truth. A gender gap is created due to differences in authority, pay, and promotion. Research shows us that economic variations exist and, through past cases we see that even though it has been twenty-five years that Title VII has passed; segregation ceases to exist. Coined by Hymowitz and Schellhardt in the Wall Street Journal more than twenty years ago, the barriers women face in the workplace earned the term “glass ceiling,” continues to exist in U.S. labor. It is important to draw attention to this problem, because it stands as a prevalent issue as women strive for equal success as men, yet are held back.
Have you ever stopped to consider why such drawbacks prevail in our society? Most wish to believe it’s due to women playing dual roles as mothers and full time employees. Others believe that it’s a mere coincidence, and that segregation no longer takes a role in our world. From a young age, gender segregation is inculcated beyond our notice. Boys wear blue and girls wear pink. Boys play with cars, guns, and video games, while girls play with dolls, make-up, and have tea parties. This inception of gender

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