The Gender Differences in Particular Types of Crime Essay examples

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The object of this paper is to explain gender differences in particular types of crime. I intend to do this by using various books and the Internet to briefly explore burglary, prostitution and crime related to a violent nature. I also wish to include any graphs or statistics I may find of interest and relevance to this essay.

It has been stated that the differences between men and women, and their upbringing, has greatly influenced the crimes they commit and whether they commit crimes at all. I personally feel that this is a generalisation and may border on stereotyping and discrimination, for example if you asked people who they thought would commit an offence related to football hooliganism
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Secondly, as Bowlby suggested, "People who are deprived of motherly affection in their infancy later are likely to become criminal". Although this cannot be proved we can relate it back to my initial point and conclude that people deprived of gender specific roles are generally more likely, but not guaranteed, to commit crime.

"The women who are most likely to become criminal are the minority who have been brought up in care, or who have rejected 'normal' family life".Sociology, 1995.

Furthermore, it is generally believed that during childhood, girls are supervised more closely than boys are and in turn they do not learn the skills that are required to commit crime. This continues in to adulthood where men are generally less supervised at work, due to careers in the building industry and driving lorries. So not only are they free to learn these skills but also to put them into practice and use them. Even though childcare is more of a shared responsibility nowadays, it is still usually largely regarded in society as a mainly female role. This is another reason women maybe isolated from certain crimes that men have more opportunity to discover.

One of the most common criminal acts is burglary. It tends to be a "Predominantly male crime". Internet resource one, 2004.

This can explained as due to this particular crime

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